1. On the Lake

From the recording On the Lake

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On the Lake

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It's a song about looking back while moving forward; about appreciating what formed you without letting it define you as you continue to grow. To show this in the music, I recorded (and sang!) everything backwards, and then reversed it – and the effect I think is really cool.

As the lyrics suggest, the imagery of a lake serves as a metaphor for the deep catalogues of memories we carry with us each day. Sometimes the water is peaceful, sometimes stormy, but no matter the weather there's always the risk of falling into the waters.

Originally Released November 21, 2019
under "August Stone & Crowe"
Re-released under "AO GRYVE" December 28th, 2020

Instruments / vocals, Joshua A Jandreau
Recorded and Mixed by Joshua A Jandreau at Three Sons Music Studios,
Boston, MA
Mastered by Peter Maher
Cover Art by Joshua A Jandreau


How soft your heart, carries me, on the lake
Of my memories I gave away to know how my
Soul finds the calm through the storm
On the lake where I find no peace

Leave me gently
Say goodbye
Go, leave me, leave me, before
I sink below the waters you left behind

I will take what I find on the lake
Make soft my heart, so that
I find peace on the shore